These 4 practical tips will make your 2022 as happy as can be!


A few practical tips can make you feel a lot more happy!

Winter is in full swing, the days are short and Christmas is over… It’s January and everything seems a little more bleak when it’s cold and dark outside. You might even be having a bout of winter depression. It happens to a lot of people!

Time to try doing something about it, because you want to start the new year feeling happy, right? The start of a new year is always a good moment to take a step back and look at your life. What are you doing for yourself? Do you live and feel healthy and are you happy? There are a few simple habits you can take on in the new year that’ll make sure you feel much happier, with very little effort. No need for difficult New Year’s resolutions that will only put pressure on you, but just a few practical and easy tips!

There are a couple of things you could do every day to boost your happiness, like the following:

  • Go out! Get outside, take a walk through the park or forest. The fresh air will make sure you feel fresh and cheery.
  • Listen to familiar music: Put on songs that remind you of that great holiday in Spain or that amazing party that made you feel intensely happy. By evoking happy memories through music, you’ll notice that feeling of happiness of back then will get back to you a little as well.
  • Laugh: Watch a film that is guaranteed to make you laugh, put on a nice comedy show, call a (funny) friend! Having a good laugh will cause a certain ‘happy’ chemical to be released in your brain. You’ll feel happier right away! Laughing does indeed make everything better.
  • Get enough sleep: Go to bed early and wake up on time as well so you can make the best of your day. Don’t sleep too little or too much, because this can be bad for your happiness. It can cause depressive feelings and that’s exactly what we wan’t to avoid.

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Source: Marie Claire | Image: Pexels