These are the unexpected benefits of sleeping with a fan on

We’re going to turn on the fan more often!

This summer, we’ve spent quite some hours in front of the fan. Even at night, we preferred to keep the thing on – it was the only thing that made the heatwave a little more bearable. There’s been a lot of discussion about whether or not it’s wise to sleep with one of those things pointing at you.

If it’s hot, it’s fine to turn it on.

Breathing easier

A fan moves around the air in your room. You’d think that wouldn’t change anything about the air quality but the opposite turns out to be true. You can breathe much easier if the air moves around in your room. In fact, it’s supposed to be so much easier to breathe with a fan on that it can reduce the chance of cot death (or SIDS) by 72 per cent.


Do you often wake up in the middle of the night? The tiniest noise in your room could disturb your sleep and that’s a pity. When you place a fan next to your bed (and turn it on), you already have a certain level of noise around you. This white noise will make it so that unexpected small sounds don’t stand out as much anymore. That way, you can sleep soundly without being woken up by those small sounds.


Have you been a bit busy and have you not gotten around to cleaning your bedroom in a while now? No problem, because a fan masks any unpleasant smells that might be lingering. Because it makes the air move around, the unpleasant smells are scattered as well, which makes them less easy to smell. That’s two birds with one stone!


Of course, there are also a couple of downsides to sleeping with the fan on. If you have allergies, they might become worse because the fan moves dust particles and pet hair around as well. This can cause your eyes, nose and throat to become irritated more quickly. Plus, keeping it on might also mean you wake up with dry eyes. The constant airflow in your room can cause you to wake up feeling a bit dehydrated. That’s why you should always put your fan on the lowest setting and not let it blow straight into your face.

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