How to make sure that you get plenty of vitamin D

vitamin d

With these tips you can boost your vitamin levels

We don’t have to remind you that it is important to always get plenty of vitamins, just to help your body function properly. Vitamin C can help your immune system and vitamin D is crucial for your teeth and bones. But especially in winter it can be a challenge to actually get your daily dose of the latter. These are some tips that help you increase your vitamin D intake.


The most important benefactor of vitamin D is daylight. That’s why you should always try and get some sun whenever you can. Even when it is cold and cloudy. It is recommended to go out for at least fifteen to thirty minutes a day. That way your skin can absorb some much needed sunlight and your vitamin levels will be replenished. If you prefer to stay inside, you can also use your tanning bed or a daylight lamp to get your vitamins. Although these might not be as good as the real deal. Your body will produce vitamin D because of UV light that comes from the sun. A lot of tanning beds and daylight lamps filter out UV light since too much of it can be dangerous.

So it might be better to just go out for fifteen minutes. And we’ll take any excuse to spend some time in nature!


The things you eat also contribute to your vitamin levels. One way to get more vitamin D from your diet, is by eating fatty seafoods. Foods like salmon, mackerel or herring contain a lot of the crucial vitamins. Other foods that help restore your vitamin D levels are butter, dairy and eggs.

If you are worried about your vitamin levels and you think they might be too low, you should contact your doctor. They might recommend that you take supplements to add some more vitamin D to your life.

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Source: Max Vandaag | Image: Unsplash, Michele Blackwell