5 infertility symptoms that seem very harmless

Be alert!

Do you have any idea how fertile you are? If you have no children, it likely means that you don’t. Most women try not getting pregnant for years until the moment they are ready to start a family. At that moment, they often think that having children is not as easy as it sometimes seems. And they would probably rather have known that before. These are five simple signals that may indicate infertility.

Do you want children? Then it is prudent to pay attention to these signals.


One in eight couples has fertility problems. And one-third of these cases concern the fertility of the woman. Unfortunately,  most women only realise that they have fertility problems when they have not been able to conceive for a long period of time, or have themselves officially tested. In many cases infertility has no noticeable symptoms, though there are some subtle indications that may tell you that something is wrong.

1. Irregular menstruation

Infertility is one of the possible causes of an irregular menstruation. Therefore, it is difficult to track the normal cycle. If you menstruate too often or too late, this may indicate that something is wrong. Intermittent bleeding is also abnormal. If you suffer from this for a long time, then it is advisable to consult your doctor.

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