Shocking: This is what a liver looks like after years of alcohol consumption


Your liver can suffer a lot of damage due to alcohol

It will come as no surprise to you that alcohol is bad for your internal organs. Drinking a lot is also pretty bad for your heart and your weight. Yet it can still be quite shocking to be faced with the cold, hard truth, because what does alcohol really do to your organs? Dr Drew shows us a healthy liver as well as one that has suffered a lot of damage due to alcohol.

Attention: these images can be perceived as shocking.

Shocking images

The images aren’t new, but they did resurface recently. In a video from Lifechangers from 2011, Dr Drew wants to make people aware of what drinking really does to your body and how you can ruin your life because of it. He first shows a healthy liver and it’s exactly what you would expect: a smooth, red-brown mass that’s uniform in colour. When he lifts the cloth off the unhealthy version, though, you can hear a ripple of shock go through the audience. This liver looks nothing like the healthy one; it’s a grey mass that’s covered in scars.

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