6 possible explanations why women have some hair on their chin


This is what hair on your chin can say about your health, if you’re a woman

This might not really be a subject to talk about during a neighbor’s tea party, but every now and then some women notice dark hair appearing on their chin. Quickly pulling it out and forgetting about it seems to be the credo of many ladies. But why do you actually get those hairs?

Excessive body hair in women, which appears in a male pattern, is also called hirsutism.


“Hirsutism is usually caused by an increase in the production of the male hormone called androgen or by an increased sensitivity of the skin to androgen,” Elizabeth May explains to Cosmopolitan. Elizabeth works at the Private Skin Laser Clinic in Hampstead.

There may be a number of reasons why your body suddenly produces more male hormones or why your skin suddenly becomes more sensitive to this, including:

You have Cushing Syndrome

According to Elizabeth May, Cushing Syndrome can cause extra hair growth. It is not a common syndrome as it only affects 1 in 50,000 people, but women have a much higher chance of getting it than men. Cushing Syndrome is a hormonal condition that is caused by the hormone, cortisol. Not only can you become more hairy, but it can also cause weight gain, an increased risk of bruising and weaker bones and muscles.

You have PCOS

PCOS is a syndrome in which fluid blisters (small cysts) form in the ovaries, it can result in ovulation and menstruation not (always) happening. As if that is not annoying enough, your hormonal balance is also affected. This can ensure that women with PCOS have more hair.

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