Are you suffering from back pain? These 4 things can help you


This is how you get rid of that pain in your back

Back pain is no longer just an ailment that older people suffer from as a lot more young people are starting to get back pain as well. According to the health institution Sciensano, about ten percent of young people goes to their GP for back pain specifically. Amongst adults, this percentage is even higher as a quarter of them experience back pain. It is a serious problem! Luckily there are a few things you can do yourself to avoid getting a painful back.

Keep these four things in mind if you want to prevent back pain.

Back pain

How is it possible that there are more and more people walking around with back pain nowadays? According to the physiotherapist association UKB it is because of our current lifestyle. They state that we move less and we are more often overweight. Additionally, teenagers tend to play videogames rather than exercising. One of the most effective ways to combat back pain is moving more often. Moving is essential! Take, for example, a walk in the woods to or take the stairs instead of the lift.

Apart from that, there are four other things that can help you:

1. Posture

The correct posture when sitting down is something called the ‘open angle’: your upper legs need to be lower than your seat and pointed downwards. This makes the angle between your upper body and your upper legs bigger than 90 degrees. That way, your pelvis stays in the correct position and your spine keeps its natural curve. This posture does not put any of your organs under pressure and it enables abdominal breathing. It is important to remember that even when you’re sitting down, your feet need to be firmly on the ground.

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