Genius: place a muffin tin on your BBQ and you’ll be able to make THIS beloved dish!

muffin tin

If only we’d known about this muffin tin tip sooner!

A lot of people get out their barbecue as soon as the weather starts looking even a little bit nice. We love sitting in the garden with our family and friends while in the meantime enjoying a nice hamburger or sausage. What more could you want from summer? 

The possibilities with a barbecue are endless, but most people don’t know you can also make a pizza on it!


First things first, let’s talk about safety. Many people think they’re being smart and saving time by lighting their barbecue with white spirit or methylated spirit. It might be save you some time, but it’s definitely not smart because it’s actually very dangerous. When you open the bottle of spirit, an invisible cloud of gas comes out. This gas is very flammable and as soon as even the smallest spark comes into contact with it, you’ve got yourself a flash fire. Here’s how you safely light your barbecue:

  • Put the barbecue on a sturdy, flat surface.
  • Place white firelighters beneath the briquettes you want to use. You can also use brown firelighters, but these should be placed on top of the briquettes.
  • Light the firelighters with a long match.
  • Don’t blow on the fire, but use an air blower or a fan.
  • Pay attention when you’re done grilling: charcoal glows for a long time, even when you think the fire is out. If need be, you could use sand to make sure the flames are completely extinguished.
  • Make sure any children that are present at your barbecue stay well out of the way; at a distance of two meters.

Once you’ve made sure everything is safe, you can start preparing your delicious food! Want to know how you can make yourself a great pizza on the barbecue? Go to the next page!

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