How to cut beets without staining your hands


With these tips, your hands won’t turn red!

Who doesn’t love beets? But we definitely do not love cutting these yummy vegetables. Every time you cut a beet, your hands will stain. And you definitely don’t want to walk around all day, looking like you’ve been an accomplice in some bloody crime. So how do you cut beets without staining your hands?


The first and most obvious way to prevent your hands from staining, is by wearing gloves. If you wear your kitchen gloves while cutting beets, the red juice that usually stains your hands won’t be able to get to your skin. It might stain your gloves though, so pick a pair that you’re not necessarily fond of. And be careful when you remove the gloves; if you touch your red gloves with your bare skin, they might still cause your hands to stain.

An added bonus to wearing gloves: they might also help you hold the beet while you cut it. Because beets can get slippery!

Olive oil

Another way to prevent stains, is by rubbing some olive oil on your hands before you start cutting. Just put some olive oil on your hands and rub them together. Make sure you cover all of your hands. That way, the beet juice won’t stand a chance! The downside to this method: those slippery beets we mentioned before? They will get even more slippery because of the oil. So be careful!

Lemon and potato

If you have cut your beets without the proper precautions, you probably have some red hands to show for it. But luckily, there are some ways to get rid of the stains! You can put a little bit of lemon juice on your hands. That will cause the beet juice to resolve, bringing the natural color of your hands back. If you have dry skin or a lot of small gaps on your hands, you might want to avoid this method.

Another method is rubbing your hands with a potato, under running water. The potato will absorb the beet juice and your hands will be squeaky clean once again!

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Source: MAX Vandaag. America’s Test Kitchen | Image: Unsplash, Natalia Fogarty