This is the secret to removing yellow stains from your white pillows! It’s super simple!

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Removing yellow stains from your white pillows is so simple!

White fabric is always difficult; before you know it you’ve spilled something on those new white pants, or your white sofa. And it’s much worse to get a stain in something white than it is in any other colour. It’s difficult to completely get rid of the stain; some colour is always left behind. Plus, white fabric discolours as well! Your white pillows will become yellow eventually, and that looks pretty gross.

Luckily, we’ve got a solution that will make your once white pillows look flawlessly white once more!


Nothing feels as good as lying down your head on a clean, white pillow at the end of a long day. Unfortunately, white pillow cases become yellow very quickly. Why does this happen? The cause behind your yellow pillow is actually very simple. While we are sleeping, we’re losing a large amount of moisture; about half a liter. A big part of this moisture ends up on your bedding, which causes it to become yellow very quickly. You can compare it to a white T-shirt you’ve been sweating in quite a lot: the armpits of this shirt will often become yellow.


Of course, the pores on our faces are full of schmutz as well, which ends up on our pillows. The result: dirty, grimy and yellow pillows. But there’s no need to despair any longer; this cleaning solution is very easy to make. Plus, you probably already own all of the ingredients you need for this! We love a good cleaning solution that only uses simple, natural ingredients most people already have lying around their kitchen.

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