Mystery solved: THIS is the difference between brown eggs and white eggs!

brown eggs

It isn’t what you’d expect!

You can usually find eggs with two different colors in the supermarket: brown eggs and white ones. Yet hardly anyone knows what the difference between those two really is. Because how does that difference in color come about? The answer is hilariously simple!

We’ve gotten to the bottom of this mystery.

You’ll probably burst out laughing now, because the answer is so obvious. The reason for one chicken laying brown eggs and another chicken laying white ones is … the color of the chicken! Yes, really. A chicken with white feathers lays a white egg and a chicken with brown feathers lays a brown egg. Did you know there are even chickens that lay spotted or even blue eggs?

You might be wondering if there’s any difference in quality between these differently colored eggs, because white eggs are often cheaper. There isn’t: this is simply a coincidence. In principle, these eggs are the same. If they do differ, then this is due to the food the chickens have eaten and the way they have been treated. There isn’t a difference in shell between brown eggs and white eggs either (apart from the color, of course). If you have an egg with a thin shell, then this is probably due to the fact that it has been lain by a young chicken.

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Source: NSMBL | Image: pxhere