So, what’s healthier: frying or boiling your eggs? We’ve got the answer!


Should you be eating fried or boiled eggs?

Yum, we love having eggs for breakfast! But there are loads of stubborn ambiguities out there about eating them. Because how many eggs is a healthy amount, and what’s the deal with cholesterol? 

The thing we’re always wondered about is the question of what’s healthier to eat: a boiled egg or a fried one? Does it matter in terms of nutritional value?

It turns out, there is indeed a difference between eating a boiled or a fried egg, and it’s due to the way of preparing them and the fat you use to do so. A fried egg contains about twice as much fat and saturated fat (17.6 g fat, of which 5.6 g are saturated) than a boiled egg (8.8. g fat of which 2.9 are saturated). That’s something to keep in mind.

Besides that, quite a lot of vitamins are lost during the process of frying an egg. Conclusion: a boiled egg is healthier. You also avoid the danger of salmonella by boiling an egg, because the bacterias won’t survive when you’re going for a hard-boiled egg. When you’re eating a soft-boiled egg, however, you do still run the risk of salmonella!

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