Why do so many fast food chains have red and yellow in their logos?

red and yellow

Here’s the psychological reasoning behind the red and yellow logos

Did you ever notice that most fast food chains have red and yellow logos? Sometimes another colour is added to the mix, but both red and yellow are very prominent in most logos. Think of that restaurant with the giant M and the king of the burgers… So, why is that?

There’s an entire marketing strategy behind it.


How come we always suddenly have a huge craving for burgers and fries when we see the McDonald’s logo? That’s because some smart people have thought long and hard about it! There’s a real psychology behind the colours of the logo. Maybe you’ve been told once that it’s better to paint your walls blue and grey instead of bright colours because those first ones have a much more calming effect. There’s the same type of reason behind the logos: red is said to make people hungry while yellow speeds up your metabolism.


The theory that the colours of the fast food chain logos work up an appetite is called the Ketchup and Mustard Theory. The colours are making us hungry, which is perfect for a fast food restaurant! Besides that, bright colours seem closer and more attractive, which means you’ll sooner walk or drive to a restaurant with a brightly coloured logo. Yellow is a cheerful colour and that makes you feel good about yourself. That’s why you’ll never see fast-food chain logo with grey, dull colours.

Which logo makes you feel most hungry?

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