Do you recognize him? THIS is what Jamie Oliver looked like back in the day!


The chef recently shared a pic of his 21-year-old self

Nearly every one does it; going through old photos from your youth. Jamie Oliver dived into his own archive recently and came across a picture of himself when he was about half his current age.

What do you think of his old look?

21 years old
Alright, so it wasn’t really Jamie himself who went through his own old pictures when he was in a sentimental mood. The One Show went on the hunt for images of the then super young chef and the BBC show came cross images from his younger years. Back then, Jamie was a young chef and still working at The River Cafe in London. “Seeing that footage always makes me feel goosebumps,” Jamie writes beneath the picture he shared on Instagram.

Own restaurant
On Instagram, Jamie explains that the picture was taken at the Billingsgate fish market. He also admits he never thought he would ever establish his own restaurant in the background of the picture. What a coincidence! Since this picture was taken, Jamie has made quite a name for himself. He’s made several TV programs, written cookbooks as well as articles for Saturday Times Magazine, acted in TV ads for a supermarket chain and owns several restaurants. We’re impressed!

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Source: Instagram Jamie Oliver | Images: Instagram Jamie Oliver