This is why you should try rubbing Listerine in your hair


Listerine can be an amazing solution to this annoying problem

Most of us have had it at some point and it’s something that can be difficult to get rid of: dandruff. Dandruff is a skin condition that is a mild form of eczema. Normally, the skin on your head gets rid of dead skin cells in a manner that is invisible. It could be that your dead skin cells are being disposed of too quickly, though, which is when they become visible and you have dandruff.

Luckily, Listerine can help you out with this problem!


First, let’s get into dandruff a little more. There are several different types of dead dandruff, like dry dandruff and greasy dandruff. Dry dandruff is the result of dry skin. It gives small white flakes on your scalp and in your hair. The flakes will flutter down to your clothes. With greasy dandruff, the flakes stick together and they accumulate on your scalp. Whatever the cause is, the effect is the same: you prefer walking around with a hat to hide those white flakes and let nobody see it.


So, how can you get rid of it? All you need is some Listerine! This multifunctional mouthwash can help you get rid of the white flakes on your head. Everybody knows Listerine as the stuff you clean your mouth with, but you can actually use it for many more things. Did you know you can use it as deodorant, for example? It’s always handy to keep a bottle of this stuff around the house.

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