4 things you should never use your vacuum cleaner for

vacuum cleaner

In these situations, your vacuum cleaner isn’t the solution

The vacuum cleaner has a prominent role in the household. We regularly use this device for a variety of different cleaning tasks. Although it’s very easy to clean up dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner, you shouldn’t just use it for everything and anything.

You’d better leave the vacuum cleaner in its cupboard for these tasks.

1. Broken glass

Did you drop a glass or vase and is there broken glass everywhere? Don’t grab your vacuum because the pieces of glass can damage it. The bag of the vacuum can tear, for example, which means you will have to clean up an even bigger mess. The glass can also scratch the inside of the vacuum or even get stuck in the hose. The best way to proceed here is to carefully pick up the bigger pieces of glass and to clean up the small pieces using a slice of bread. Lightly press a slice of bread onto the small shards of glass. The shards will stick to the bread, which means you can clean it up safely. You can also moisten the bread to make sure the glass sticks to it even better.

2. Moist things

When you’ve been doing odd jobs around the house and the floor is all dirty and messy, it’s really easy to quickly clean it all up using your vacuum cleaner. Sometimes a few parts of the floor might have gotten a little wet, but you still go over them with the vacuum. You might want to avoid doing this from now on, though. If moisture gets into your vacuum cleaner, mould might develop there. Moisture can also cause your vacuum to stop working. So, next time you’ve got a dirty floor to clean, first make sure it’s completely dry.

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