These shoes are the worst for your feet according to a podiatrist

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The surprising thing is that they aren’t high heeled shoes

Usually, if you would ask people about the worst kind of footwear, heels would top the list. They’re uncomfortable and apparently, they come with a lot of potential risks. But did you know that some shoes are even worse than the high heel? According to a podiatrist, these are some shoes that are even worse for your feet.

Lack of support

The worst type of shoe to wear is… the slide. According to Miguel Cunha, DPM, founder of Gotham Footcare, slides that are completely flat don’t provide your feet with enough support. He told Well and Good that slides can lead to “pronation and collapse of the arch”. That can eventually lead to something called shin splints, knee pain or even back pain. That is bad news for people who love slides and flip-flops. But luckily, there are some exceptions. If you want to keep wearing slides, Cunha recommends you wear a pair with a taller wedge (3/4 inch). This will lower the burden you place on your Achilles heel. Or switch to sandals! That way, your feet can breathe without any discomfort.

Other shoes

But the slide isn’t the only ‘bad’ shoe out there. Other shoes that are considered the worst, are sock sneakers (those sneakers that look and basically feel like socks), slingback flats, cowboy boots and ankle boots with stilettos. These types of shoes can cause different issues like ankle sprains, hammertoes, neuromas and knee and back pain. All of this is caused by the lack of support or the shape of the shoe that forces your feet into an unnatural position.

When you’re wearing shoes, you want them to be supportive. And you want your toes to get all the space they need. Another thing that might be worth checking, is whether you’re wearing the right size shoe. Dr. Cary Gannon, podiatric surgeon and founder of Aila Cosmetics, told Well and Good that ninety percent of the people she sees in her office are wearing the wrong size shoe.

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Source: Well and Good | Image: Unsplash, Jason Briscoe