This is why you shouldn’t wear the same shoes every day


You could take this as a great reason to buy another pair of shoes!

A good pair of shoes isn’t always easy to come by and once you do find them you want to wear them all the time because they’re so comfortable and pretty. Wearing proper footwear will help you prevent getting blisters, and if it looks good as well we are even happier! In fact, we tend to love those new shoes so much that we want to wear them every single day. That’s not a very smart thing to do, though…

Wearing the same shoes every day is not a good idea.


Before we get into that, however, we first want to quickly talk about why you shouldn’t wear your footwear inside the house. A lot of people take off their shoes when they come home but there are also a lot of people who keep their shoes on inside. It’s not very surprising that you take a lot of filth inside with you when you step into your home after being outside. Whether you keep them on or take them off immediately, bacteria will inevitably end up inside your home. There’s a considerable difference between the number of bacteria you spread through your house with your footwear on or off, though. American research shows that the soles of your shoes are covered in bacteria and moulds, including E.Coli. When you walk around your house with these, you’re spreading these around. That’s not very hygienic…

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