This is why there’s a little pocket on the inside of your underpants

We’ve always wondered about that little pocket!

You’ve probably noticed before that a lot of underpants have a kind of pocket on the inside. This extra piece of fabric raises a lot of questions with us. What is this ‘pouch’ doing there? Does it have some kind of special use we don’t know about? Luckily, we’ve now finally got the answers to these burning questions.

Who’d have thought!

Pocket in your underpants

You might not have expected this, but this special little pocket does indeed have a function. No, it’s not meant for any kind of storage. Instead, the extra piece of fabric is there to protect your private parts, especially when you’re wearing tight-fitting jeans or trousers. The extra piece of fabric allows your nether regions to ‘breathe’ more properly. Plus, it also gives extra protection against the thick seams on clothing, like those on jeans.


A woman’s private parts are the most vulnerable part of her body. There are a ton of outside influences that can cause irritated skin or even an inflammation in a woman’s nether regions. A simple thing as washing it with soap can cause an imbalance in the pH value down there. That’s another reason why that little pocket is there. The extra piece of fabric protects against harmful or bacterial problems. Because of the extra fabric, there’s more room to ‘breathe’. And because of this, your underwear stays dry properly and that means the bacteria don’t get enough of a chance to grow here.

Another mystery solved! There are so many more things we’re forever wondering about, though… Go to the next page to watch a cool video on 12 things you didn’t know the purpose of!

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