This woman wanted to buy a bikini and gets humiliated by a saleswoman. Her reaction is amazing!


She gets humiliated in the fitting room, but then she earns her revenge by taking this photo!

Twenty-four-year-old Jessica Portelli from Brighton, England, went shopping for a new bikini. What happened to her is outrageous, but she reacts in the best possible way!

They say “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me,” but is that really true? In our experience, you can really upset someone by saying hurtful things. Unfortunately, it seems like we’re seeing it much more often lately, not in the least on social media. Don’t people think about the consequences of what they say? Or are they just really that mean? It’s probably a mix. Jessica didn’t let it get her down, though, and she really made people think! She’s got our full support!

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