Ouch, a torn nail! With this weird trick you could repair it in no time

torn nail

With a bit of luck, this easy trick will have your torn nail look as good as new again!

You might not think about it like that, but some people consider their nails to be their ‘business card’. Unkempt nails look bad and sometimes even kind of gross. When that’s the first thing people see of you, they might draw conclusions you don’t want them to draw. So, having properly cared for nails can definitely be to your benefit – plus, it looks pretty! 

Do you have a torn nail that needs fixing? We’re here to help!

Torn nail

Keeping your nails in proper condition can be difficult if you accidentally tear your nails regularly. We’ve all been there at some point: your nails are looking fabulous – nicely shaped and beautifully painted. But then… One wrong move and there it is; you’ve torn your nail. This doesn’t look very nice and besides that, it can also be quite painful. Out of sheer desperation and frustration, you grab your nail clipper to clip all of your nails right away, because one short nail looks pretty stupid too. But there’s no need to do that! We’ve got a special little trick that can help you repair your torn nail in no time at all.

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