Do you ever go to bed with wet hair? This is why should NEVER do so!

wet hair

Never go to sleep with wet hair

It’s such a nice feeling to take a shower right before going to bed. You feel all fresh and you sleep much better when you step into bed completely clean. When you’ve also washed your hair, you lie down on your pillow with wet hair, but you should really stop doing that. Going to bed with wet hair is everything but a good idea, so we recommend blowdrying your hair before you hit the hay.

You can damage your hair a lot if you don’t dry it before going to bed.

Your hair is extremely fragile when it’s wet, which is also why you should never brush it before it’s dry. By washing your hair with shampoo, you wash away the natural oils which means your hair is unprotected. If you go to bed with wet hair and move your head around a lot on your pillow, your hair will break much more easily. The result: a dry and brittle head of hair. That’s not what you want! What’s even worse is to put your wet hair in a bun or pony tail before going to sleep. Your hair might not rub against your pillow, but instead the elastic band is damaging it even more.

Apart from that, going to bed with wet hair is also very unhygienic. Pillows are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Sweat, dead skin cells and oils are left behind in and on them. Add wet hair to the mix and the pillow will be moist as well, and bacteria love humid places. This means you can end up with mould in your pillow. Gross! So, definitely dry your hair before turning in next time! And if you really don’t feel like blowdrying your hair, we recommend only washing your hair in the morning and never before you go to sleep.

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Source: BeauMonde | Image as illustration