Woman shares brilliant tip using paracetamol to clean a rusty iron

clean rusty iron

Do you have a rusty iron at home? Try this tip with paracetamol!

Ironing. Sometimes we do it every day, and other times we do it only when it is necessary. Whether we iron often or only occasionally, over time the iron base can rust. This is annoying because it can your clothes. No matter how stubborn the rust is, this woman swears that paracetamol can get rusty irons looking like new.

We will immediately try this handy tip!

Handy trick

A rusty iron not only looks greasy, but it can also ruin your clothes. But no matter how simple or extravagant your iron may be, a layer of rust may still form on the iron over time. Fortunately, buying a new one isn’t necessary. You can make your iron look brand new with this handy trick!

Rusty iron

Laura Siârn Outhart owned a rusty iron. She was about to trade it in for a new one, until she came across an old-fashioned tip from grandma. The rusty part of the iron could easily be cleaned with paracetamol. She tried it out and made a before and after photo of the result. We must say, the iron indeed looks like new again!

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