Find out: things in your kitchen that should be thrown away

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Some items should definitely be thrown out

Even though you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, you might not be spending as much time cleaning it. Especially when it comes to old appliances and utensils, we tend to save a lot of things ‘just in case’. But some things should definitely be thrown out. And not just for the purpose of decluttering.


The items in your kitchen could possibly be filled with bacteria. Especially if you’ve had them for a while. And that means that it is time to throw things out. For the sake of your own health. Things that you should throw out due to health reasons:

  • Old utensils: if you have spatulas that are close to falling apart, damaged knives or other old utensils that have been with you for far too long, you should consider replacing them. Sylvia Fountaine, CEO and founder of Feasting at Home, told EatingWell that these things could actually become a health hazard. She says: “Pieces of rubber can disintegrate into hot liquids or [chipped wood from your wooden spatula could] break off into a recipe … This can be a choking hazard, not to mention unpleasant!”
  • Sponges: old sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria. And that means that you should replace them frequently.
  • Cutting boards: when you have used your cutting boards more often, the grooves in the cutting boards become harder to clean. And that means that bacteria will be able to nestle in there. So, if you have worn-out cutting boards, you should consider throwing them out and buying some new ones.


Even though health is the most important reason to clean out your kitchen, there are also some things that should be thrown out just because they don’t taste as good anymore. If you save certain items too long, they lose their freshness and just won’t taste good when you use them while cooking. Examples of these are:

  • Cooking oil: did you know that olive oil only lasts about three months after it is opened? Some oils definitely last longer than that but it is always good to check if your oil is still fresh.
  • Spices: we always thought that spices had unlimited shelf-life. But it turns out they don’t. After two or three years, they will have lost their flavor.
  • Food in your freezer: the freezer is one of our favorite appliances in the kitchen (yay, leftovers!). But unfortunately, food can not be stored in there forever. The items in there might get freezer burn. So, check your foods for freezer burn and toss them out.
  • Coffee: Coffee doesn’t stay fresh forever. Freshly ground coffee can be saved for about two weeks. Anna Silver, founder of CookForFolks, told EatingWell: “Coffee will [be used] much faster than other dry foods in your cupboard, so it is best to write the date of when you opened it on the container or bag, which will let you know whether your coffee will still be in date or not.”

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Source: EatingWell | Image: Unsplash, Becca Tapert