Keep burglars out with these 6 tips


Make it difficult for a burglar!

A burglary in your house is everyone’s biggest nightmare. Returning to an empty house after your vacation can make you worry and feel unsafe. Most burglaries occur during the holidays or in December, these are days when we are often away from home. Fortunately, there are a number of tricks to make your house less attractive for a burglar. We’ll explain it to you.

With these tricks you will leave everything behind safely.

1. Give the impression that someone’s home

We cannot say it often enough: burglars pay attention to the smallest details. Are you going out for a longer period of time? Do not tidy up perfectly. Place some dirty coffee cups on the table or leave on a small light. This makes things seem more ‘alive’ and burglars will not dare to take a chance on you not being home.

2. Fencing

A fence around the entire house is the dream of every burglar. An obstructed view means they can put things outside quietly, and then easily transport them to their vehicle. When the house is not clearly visible, it is very easy for the burglar to get away with the crime. Make your house look more open, and place a number of automatic outdoor lamps to put the burglar in the spotlight.

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