Huh: These 7 Things We Apparently Clean Too Often

This in turn saves time and energy in your cleaning routine!

We admit: there are certain things in the house that we don’t clean enough. But apparently, there are also things that we actually give a cleaning too often. Yes, you read it correctly! Certain items don’t like being cleaned too often. So the following seven things can be skipped a little more often.

1. Curtains
Do you wash your curtains every season? Then you are washing them three times too often in a year. Curtains only need to be washed once a year. Would you like to freshen them up more often? Many dryers have an “air only” option, which makes them dust free again. Kitchen curtains can be put in the washing machine a little more often.

2. (Sports) clothing
Because we often sweat during exercise, it seems logical to throw sportswear straight into the laundry basket afterwards. However, clothing does not need to be washed after just one wear, and this also applies to sportswear. Sports pants can last three to four times without being washed. Only if you sweat a lot should you wash the clothes a little more often.

3. Seat Covers
Seat covers are extremely useful for keeping your chairs tidy. Wash them once a season and they will be fresh and fruity again. For chair covers you can follow the same procedure as for curtains: cleaning them once a year is sufficient. Stains that occur in the meantime should be treated locally.

4. Plates
We hear you thinking: plates really need to be washed after every time you use them, right? That’s right, but if you rinse plates before you put them in the dishwasher, you’re actually doing it twice. This is not necessary. Of course you need to rinse the food off, but dirt can just stay on the plate. Do you not do this? Then detergent then no longer adheres to the dirt and it does not achieve its purpose. Extra plus: you save water with this too!

5. Pans
Non-stick pans do not need to be thoroughly sopped after every use. If you only fry an egg, it is enough to rinse the pan with hot water only. This way the Teflon coating stays good for much longer.

6. Jeans
A good pair of jeans doesn’t need to be washed very often. To be exact, only after about six wears, denim experts recommend. If you wash a pair of jeans too often, the quality will deteriorate much faster. Hanging them in the garden or in front of an open window overnight can also freshen them up.

7. Parquet Floor
Water and your parquet floor are not a match made in heaven. Therefore, do not mop your floor too often and, above all, not too wet. This will keep the wood in good condition for longer. Stains on the floor are best cleaned with a damp cloth. Make sure that the spot is dry again immediately afterwards.

Source: Libelle | Image: Pexels