Woman shares brilliant tip using paracetamol to clean a rusty iron


With paracetamol, the Briton got her iron as good as new. She shared the photos with the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK. Many people saw the special tip and shared it en masse on social media, so her tip went viral in no time.

clean rusty iron

This is how she did it:

Fortunately, aside from the photos Laura also included the steps she took to get her iron looking new again. She turned on the device and rubbed two paracetamols over the rusted part with a pair of tweezers. After this, she let the hot device cool down. With a damp (dish) cloth she then easily wiped the iron surface clean. Simple, right?

Since your iron is as good as new, you might as well use it for these 7 genius life hacks, right?

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