Can you put your vacuum cleaner in the dishwasher? This is the answer!

vacuum cleaner

It’s a risk, but look at the results!

According to most instruction manuals, you need to clean your vacuum cleaner once every three months. The filters need to be cleaned and the container that holds the vacuum cleaner bag needs a good clean every once in a while too.

So, here’s a question: can you put a vacuum cleaner through the dishwasher?

Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners: we love them. Just like the dishwasher, the vacuum helps us make the most tedious chores around the house a lot easier. Can you imagine if you had to sweep everything up only to have to mop afterwards as well? A vacuum is an essential item in the modern household. But, again just like the dishwasher, the vacuum needs to be cleaned itself on a regular basis. All that dust, hair and other filth accumulate inside the device, which makes it less effective every time you use it. Clogged filters will cause the vacuum’s suction to be less strong and clogged vacuum cleaner hoses and dirty attachments also make the device less effective. Plus, the little wheels need to be cleaned regularly as well to make sure the device is easy to roll around.


Of course, you can take the device apart and clean all of the different parts separately from one another with a wet cloth. Yet accumulated dust is difficult to remove and it has the tendency to stick together despite using soapy water. The best thing would be to put the machine in the dishwasher: those are known for removing even the most stubborn filth, right? When you read the vacuum’s user manual, you’ll probably come across a section that says you shouldn’t put it in the dishwasher. Sounds logical, but does anyone ever really read the entire manual (you can admit it!)? Ashley Poskin seems to have skipped a section because she tried putting her vacuum in the dishwasher and she was surprised by the results!

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