Research shows: couples who talk to each other about THIS topic are happier!


You’ll be happier and have a stronger bond!

There are certain things you don’t share with your partner until you’re together for about a year or two. Think of passing gas, for example. Would you do this when your partner is around? No? We totally get that. Yet the conversation topic that makes couples happier actually does have to do with that.

We’re going to have to get used to this idea.


You’ve probably been there: you’re over at your partner’s house and then you feel it… you have to poop! Oh, dear… what now? You’d prefer to hold it until you’ve gotten home, but what if you’re staying the night? You can’t hold your brownie forever. It might even start to hurt! At moments like these, you should simply go to the toilet and do your number two. It turns out that that helps to create more trust and a stronger bond between you and your partner.


Research shows that couples who talk about their number two with each other are happier in their relationship, generally speaking. It creates a type of trust and that trust is exactly what’s important in a relationship. You’re sharing something very intimate with the other person and they will usually really appreciate that. Now, we don’t suggest talking about your poop at the kitchen table, but it won’t hurt to call it by its name every now and then. Happy pooping, we call that!

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Source: Grazia | Image: pxhere