These are 5 kitchen cleaning tasks you can do in less than a minute!


You can keep your kitchen looking tidy with these quick tips!

A kitchen is a place that gets used a lot; perhaps more than any other room in your home. It can be difficult to keep it looking neat and tidy, though. You clean it and before you know it, there’s stuff everywhere and it looks kind of grungy again already. It all just sort of piles up slowly, which can be really frustrating! Where do you start cleaning up?

Just take it one step at a time! These tiny kitchen tasks only take one minute each and they go a long way. Give them a try!

  1. Clean the sink: A sink can get really dirty really quickly, but a lot of people forget to clean it regularly. It’s such a simple task, though. Spray the sink with some all-purpose cleaner or another cleaner you like to use, and wipe it with a paper towel.
  2. Wipe down the tap: While you’re at the sink, why not clean the tap as well? This is another one of those parts of the kitchen people tend to forget. You touch it multiple times a day, though, so it could definitely do with a wipe down… Again, use some cleaner and a paper towel and your tap will shine like never before.
  3. Wipe down the microwave: We use our microwave a lot and it can get really dirty really quickly (although we still don’t understand how that happens). Regularly wiping it down with some cleaner and a paper towel will make a huge difference. No more scrubbing away caked-on food from a month ago!
  4. Put away stray items: The one thing that can make a room look super cluttered is stray items. If you take a minute every day to take a good look at your counters and put away the items that don’t belong there, your kitchen will look a lot tidier already.
  5. Tidy the dinner table: This has the same idea behind it as tidying your counters. Putting away anything that doesn’t belong on the dinner table will make the entire space seem tidier.

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Source: TipHero | Image: Pexels