Oops, we nearly always forget to wash this item!

tote bags

Props to you if you do wash this item regularly

When it comes to doing laundry, some of us are a bit too rigid. Sometimes we throw a pair of trousers into the hamper after wearing them for only day, which isn’t necessary at all. But hang on… are we really that precise when doing laundry? Chances are there’s a certain highly used item you’ve never even thought about putting through a washing machine.

Time to do some laundry.

Do you use a tote bag when you go out to do some shopping instead of asking for a plastic bag at every store? That’s super environmentally friendly and we applaud you for it! But… have you ever washed that bag you’ve been using to carry around groceries for ages? We think there’s a pretty big chance your answer will be ‘no’!

We use that multifunctional tote bag for all kinds of groceries: fruit, vegetables and prepacked products. Sometimes we use our bag to transport sports clothes to and from the gym. And still, we rarely (if ever) wash it, which is the opposite of a good idea. According to Good Housekeeping, people rarely wash their tote bags, which can turn them into breedings grounds for bacteria, including E.coli. This poop bacterium was found on at least 12 percent of the bags that were examined. Ew. We’ll be washing our tote bags ASAP!

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Source: Flair | Image: Pixabay