7 things you can clean with a denture cleanser tablet


You’d never expect that you could do this with a denture cleanser tablet!

Even though we can buy a lot of different cleaning products nowadays, we’re still a fan of those do-it-yourself home-made cleaning tips. Wouldn’t it be ideal to just have the products you need in your own home already? It won’t cost you extra money and it works just as well. Today we give you seven tips for a cleaning session using a denture cleanser tablet. Seriously? Yes, seriously. These tablets don’t just clean dentures as they can be used for a lot of other things as well.

Start cleaning.

1. Vases

Is you beautiful glass vase not as beautiful any more because it’s gone cloudy? Fill the vase with water and throw in a denture cleanser tablet. Leave it to sit for a little while, wipe it with a cloth, and it looks as good as new.

2. White laundry

We all know that your whites won’t be white forever. However, you can prevent this by putting a denture cleanser tablet in your washing machine when you wash your white laundry now and then. Turn on the washing machine and let the tablet do its job.

3. Coffee cups and tea cups

Coffee and tea make your glasses and cups cloudy after a while. Do you find this annoying? Don’t buy a new set of cups straight away. Fill the cups with water and let the denture cleanser tablets work their magic. After a little while you can empty the cups and wipe the cloudiness away with a cloth.

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