Why you should put a cloth with vinegar in your toilet bowl

What a cloth with vinegar does

Putting a cloth with vinegar in your toilet bowl can be the solution to lime scale. Lime scale dissolves in acidic liquids such as vinegar, which is not the case with bleach. You just need to put some cleaning vinegar on a cloth and put it in your toilet bowl. The cloth then slowly releases the acidic component of the vinegar and the lime scale dissolves. It is a super-easy solution and it is also a lot more environmentally friendly.

Best time of the day

Remember to take the cloth out of the bowl when you want to use your toilet. For that reason, it is also most convenient to apply this trick at night, because we use the toilet much less at night and there is enough time for the vinegar to be absorbed.

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Source: Milieucentraal |Image: Clean toilet with enough paper at a restaurant by Marco Verch under the license CC BY 2.0