This is how you can remove stubborn coffee stains from your clothes

coffee stains

Try this trick to get rid of coffee stains

Whoops! You’re just sitting on the sofa, drinking a well-earned cup of coffee, and then you accidentally spill some on your pants. Or maybe you’re walking somewhere with your coffee to go and you bump into someone, causing the coffee to splash onto your white blouse. What do you do now? There’s no need to panic because it’s very easy to remove coffee stains from your clothes. We even know what to do with older stains. Keep reading for a couple of great tips!

The faster you act, the easier it is to remove the stain.

Step 1: Fresh stain

Is the stain still fresh and wet? The best thing to try first is to rinse the stain under cold water. Turn on the tap and keep the item of clothing underneath the cold running water. Try not to rub it as you’ll only rub the stain into the fibres of the fabric that way. Try to keep the stain directly underneath the tap so the coffee won’t spread any further. After a little while, the brown stain should be rinsed away. Is your stain a little less fresh or is it not completely gone after trying this? Move on to step 2 on the next page.

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