This is how to clean your glasses without scratching them


This way your glasses will remain looking as good as new

Cleaning your glasses sounds like such a simple task. Yet a lot of people unintentionally scratch their glasses when they’re cleaning them, and that’s the opposite of what you want. No one wants to have a bunch of annoying scratches in their vision all of the time, right? That’s why we want to make clear once and for all what the right way to clean your glasses is. That way, you’ll keep them looking as good as new.

This is the only right way.

Dish soap

Start by making some mild soapy water. For this soapy water, take some warm water and a mild type of dish soap. This will clean your glasses, but it isn’t too aggressive. That way, the colour of the frames of your spectacles won’t be damaged. When you use a cleaning product that is too aggressive, the colour can fade, and that’s not what you want.

Microfiber cloth

When you’re done cleaning them with the soapy water, dry the glasses with a microfiber cloth. Never ever use a paper towel for this! A paper towel is exactly the type of thing that can cause scratches. Only use soft cloths, like a microfiber cloth, that are guaranteed to keep your spectacles free of scratches.

Nose pads

Of course, you also want the bacteria residing on your glasses to be killed when you clean them. Especially the nose pads can contain a good number of unsavoury organisms. It’s best to clean these nose pads with a disposable wet cleaning tissue.


Are you on the road and have your glasses suddenly gotten all dirty? Don’t worry. Loads of stores sell very handy cleaning cloths for glasses. These will help you get rid of the worst of the filth if you’re not able to make some soapy water.

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Source: Good Housekeeping| Image: pxhere