Using your air-conditioning on a hot summer day? Lovely, but watch out for these things!


With these seven tips you keep your air-conditioner in optimal shape!

On hot summer days, there is nothing better than an air-conditioner that spreads wonderfully cool air through the house. When you can’t stand the heat, an air-conditioner can provide your home with cool air. This makes the temperature in the house a lot more pleasant! However, if you don’t regularly clean and properly maintain the air-conditioner, you may end up with more problems than benefits. The air-conditioner will spread more dust and bacteria than cold air, resulting in an unpleasant odor and may also spread disease. You don’t want that! With these seven tips you’ll keep your air-conditioner in optimal condition and enjoy it a lot longer.

Use your air-conditioner wisely!

Maintenance and cleaning

To keep the air-conditioner efficient, it is important that you clean and maintain it at least once a year. This way, you don’t give mold and bacteria a chance to spread, and the appliance will also last for years. The best way to clean your air-conditioner depends on the type. You can choose to do it yourself, but because it is quite a job, you can also have your air-conditioner cleaned at home by a professional. Your air-conditioner will then function optimally and will be ready for the next hot summer day!

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