5 ways you could use white vinegar for your laundry

white vinegar

Make sure you always have a bottle of white vinegar in the house

White vinegar is an absolute miracle when it comes to cleaning. We’ve shared with you before the benefits of adding a bit of vinegar to your washing machine, but this time we’ve got a list of other laundry problems you can fix with just some vinegar.

What a miracle product!

1. Red wine stains

If you have ever spilt red wine on your clothes or carpet you know how impossible it can seem to remove the stains. Yet it doesn’t have to be difficult to remove these stains at all. Vinegar will help you out!

Wine stain on your clothes

Heat up about half a litre of white vinegar in a saucepan on the stove. Pull the fabric of the clothing tight above a bowl or bucket, with the stain facing down. Next, pour about half of the heated vinegar over the fabric in the spot where the stain is located. It would be easiest if you’ve got someone with you to hold the item of clothing while you pour the vinegar. Rinse the clothing with cold water and then let it soak for 20 minutes in the leftover vinegar. Afterwards, rinse the clothing with cold water once more and then wash it in the washing machine right away.

Wine stain on your carpet

Use a paper towel to dab at the stain to remove as much of the wine as possible. Heat up 250 millilitres of white vinegar in a saucepan on the stove and then pour this into a spray bottle. Add half a teaspoon of dish soap to this as well and then shake the bottle so the vinegar can mix with and absorb the dish soap properly. Spray the vinegar mixture onto the stain. Be careful though: don’t spray too much of it onto the stain because then the stain might spread. Let the mixture soak for five minutes and then dab the carpet dry with a paper towel. Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

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