Got red eyes or a sore throat? This spot in your washing machine might be the cause

washing machine

Yes, really: your washing machine might be causing those red eyes and sore throat

Do you ever experience allergic reactions, sore throats, breathing problems and irritated mucous membranes? Then it might be time to give your washing machine a proper clean. Your health problems might just be caused by you forgetting to clean an important spot in your washing machine.

Hardly anyone cleans this spot.


You probably clean the outside of your washing machine regularly and perhaps you check the rubber seal on the inside once in a while too. Very well, but have you ever checked behind this rubber seal? No? Then you’re not the only one. Yet we should definitely do this more often because a lot of moulds can build up in this spot. This isn’t just very gross, it can also lead to a number of health problems. When you don’t clean this spot often enough, you can get, among other things, pain in your nerves and joints, allergic reactions, a sore throat, breathing problems, nausea and irritated mucous membranes.

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