Wow! You won’t believe your eyes when you see the inside of this beautiful house!


The inside is amazing – and it’s for sale!

We love going on property websites and looking at the most beautiful or strange houses we can find. It makes for an endless amount of entertainment! Most of the houses on these websites are pretty standard and (let’s just say it) boring, but sometimes you can find a true gem. An example of such a house is this one in Beekbergen, a village in the Netherlands. It looks phenomenal both inside and out!

At first glance it looks really traditional.

Wellness paradise

This beautiful home is situated in Beekbergen, a village that borders on the Veluwe, a beautiful, forest-rich national park. Along with the house you get an estate of 4389 square meters and it has pretty much everything you need. And we mean everything. This home comes with an actual wellness room with a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, jacuzzi and an indoor pool!

Car heaven

The car lovers among you can also rejoice about this beautiful house. The garage has space for no less than 15 cars. Like to work on your own cars? There’s room for that, too. The garage features a showroom, a workshop, and a place to wash the cars. Of course, a house like this doesn’t come cheap. For a price of 2.9 million euros, it can be yours. Oh, well… We’ll fantasize some more about living here while looking at the pictures on the next page…