Do you really need different kinds of laundry detergent?

laundry detergent

There’s a reason why there are so many kinds of detergents!

Laundry detergent comes in all shapes and sizes. You have the liquid kind, the powder kind and pods. But some laundry detergents also serve different purposes. Some should be used for your whites, others have color-protect and some are made to keep your black clothes black. But is it really necessary for you to use the right detergent for different clothes?

White laundry

You might think that the companies that sell laundry detergent are just trying to make a little extra money with all these different kinds of detergent. But apparently, there is a good reason why there are so many different bottles and boxes! The detergent that you’re supposed to use for your white laundry can not be used with other types of clothes. That is because it has bleach or other whitening substances in it. This is ideal when you’re washing white clothes; it will keep your white clothes white. But when you wash your dark or colorful clothes with this detergent they might lose their color.

Other types of laundry

Every kind of laundry detergent has its own properties and all of them are aimed at keeping the colors of your laundry from fading. That means that when you use a laundry detergent with color-protection, it contains certain substances that will keep your colors bright and lively. In detergents made specifically for darker fabrics there will be ingredients that keep those colors from fading. This means that using the right kind of detergent can make all the difference.

If you want to make sure your clothes look good as new for years to come, you might want to invest in the right detergents to match the colors of your clothes!

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Source: Margriet | Image: Pexels, Anna Shvets