8 reasons why you should add white vinegar to your laundry

white vinegar washing machine

White vinegar has a ton of benefits

Do you ever add a splash of white vinegar to your washing machine? No? Then you might want to start now! Vinegar is really good for both your laundry and your machine, so it’s really a win-win situation. Plus, vinegar is really cheap; you can buy a big bottle for hardly any money at all. We’ve put together a list of eight great benefits of adding vinegar to your washing machine.

In our homes, there’s always a bottle of white vinegar next to the bottle of laundry detergent.

1. The machine

Use white vinegar and a clean cloth to wipe down the plastic edges of the washing machine. You’ll eliminate nasty smells, filth and any possible mould by doing so. Pour half a bottle of vinegar into the machine and let it run on the highest cycle. This will disinfect the machine and get rid of any lingering nasty smells.

2. Baby clothes

A baby’s skin is very sensitive and can have a bad reacting to perfume. Protect your baby’s tender skin and put a cup of white vinegar into the fabric softener compartment of the washing machine when you’re washing a load of baby clothes. If there are a lot of stains in the clothes, you can also soak them in a dishpan with equal parts warm water and vinegar and one teaspoon of baking soda. Vinegar will eliminate the smell of urine as well.

3. Animal hair

By adding vinegar to your washing machine, animal hairs will not stick to your clothes as easily. This is ideal if you’ve got a furry friend as a pet like a dog or a cat.

4. Soft blankets and pants

White vinegar is the ideal fabric softener! Do you have a new pair of jeans that still feel a little stiff? Wash them in the machine and use vinegar as a fabric softener. You’ll notice the jeans will be a lot more comfortable to wear! Blankets also become nice and soft if you add a bit of vinegar to the machine when you wash them. Also, good to note: vinegar doesn’t leave behind any smells, but does make your laundry smell fresh!

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