6 things you should never clean with glass cleaner

glass cleaner

Don’t use glass cleaner for these tasks

Pretty much everybody has a bottle of glass cleaner in a cupboard somewhere. The cleaning liquid usually has a blue colour and a lot of people call it by the brand name Windex. It’s really handy to quickly clean windows, mirrors and glass shower walls with. Yet there are a couple of cleaning tasks you really shouldn’t use this cleaning solution for.

Go for a milder alternative when it comes to these things.

1. Screens

Want to quickly wipe down the greasy fingerprints from your laptop, TV or phone screen? Don’t use glass cleaner! Sure, it degreases and cleans, but the ingredients are much too aggressive for your electronic devices. Instead, use a microfiber cloth with a little bit of clean water or buy a special cleaning solution meant specifically for electronics.

2. Skin

A while ago, a tip was doing the rounds on the internet that was aimed at people who used a bit too much self tanner. Supermodel Ashley Graham advised people to scrub their skin with Windex. Uhm, don’t do that! Glass cleaner isn’t meant to be used on skin and dehydrates it immensely. It could also lead to irritated or even burnt skin.

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