With THIS easy trick cleaning the window blinds will be no trouble at all!

window blinds

Dusty window blinds are easy to clean with this trick

Window blinds are super handy. You can go from natural lighting to a dark room within seconds and research has shown that they can even reduce your heating costs. That’s because closed window blinds create a ‘layer’ on your window that’s ideal for keeping out the cold winter air. 

It’s just such a pity that those blinds seem to attract dust like nobody’s business, and cleaning them is a chore and a half.

Easy peasy
With this trick, your blinds will be clean in no time at all. All you need are a couple of things you’ve probably already got lying around the house.

Fold the microfiber cloths like you can see in the picture below. Fold them around the ends of the tongs and attach them with two elastic bands. Use the tongs to grip one of the slats of the blinds and move the tongs from one end to the other. You’ll see there’ll be loads of dust on the cloth when you’re done! You don’t need to moisten microfiber clothes, but if you want that extra fresh touch, you can spray a little bit of cleaning solution on it.

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Source: Libelle.tv | Image as illustration