We often forget to clean this part of our kitchen… This is the right way to do it!


This is how you make sure your entire kitchen is clean!

After every dinner we cook or meal we make, we thoroughly clean our surfaces, but we often forget a part of the kitchen that is a breeding ground for bacteria. The sink! It’s a damp place and we flush down all kinds of nasty things down the drain. Time to get your hands dirty and give it a good clean.

This is the best way to clean your sink.

You flush water with all kinds of bacteria down the drain every time you use it; dirt coming off of vegetables, bacteria off meat and other food scraps. Lisa Yakas is a microbiologist and hygiene expert and she explains we should thoroughly clean and disinfect our sinks at least once every week. However, if you’ve been working with raw meat in the sink, or if you’ve been scrubbing dirty potatoes, you should clean it right away.

Yakas also kindly offers some advice on the best way to clean your kitchen sink. Firstly, you should make sure it’s completely free of food scraps and other waste. Then, prepare some soapy water consisting of warm water and all-purpose cleaner or soap. Use this to scrub the sink with – and scrub it well. Flush away the soapy water and rinse the sink thoroughly. Now you’ve actually cleaned your entire kitchen!

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Source: Country Living | Image: pxhere