Want to clean your smartphone? Avoid making THIS common mistake!


Cleaning your smartphone is less simple than you might think

In 2017 we’re nowhere without our phones. We text what groceries we want someone to get at the store, we quickly call someone to congratulate them, and we use our phone for navigation to prevent ourselves from getting lost. What most people don’t do with their phones, though, is clean them. Are you one of the few who does regularly clean your smartphone? Avoid making this mistake!

This is an easy mistake to make.

Wrong way
Your phone goes to bed with you, you use it while cooking to find a recipe and the device goes with you to the toilet. No wonder the thing is covered in bacteria. Do you ever clean your smartphone? Then you’re one step ahead of some people, depending on how you clean it. Do you use anti-bacterial wipes? Stop doing so immediately! These wipes have a scouring effect and can damage your phone!

Right way
Disinfecting wipes do indeed kill bacteria, but they also damage your phone. So, what should you do instead? It’s very simple: make your own disinfecting spray that isn’t damaging to your phone.

This is what you need:

  • clean water
  • 70 percent Isopropanol
  • 1 mini spray bottle
  • 1 microfiber cloth

How to make it:

  • Fill the bottle about half way with water, and fill the other half with isopropanol (you can get this at multiple webshops, but do make sure you don’t buy the 99 or 91 percent! These can also damage your screen).
  • Screw the cap back onto the bottle and shake it.
  • Spray a little bit of the spray onto the cloth and use this to clean your phone. Your screen will be free of bacteria once more!

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Source: Buzzfeed | Image: Videostill YouTube Nifty