Easy: this is how you clean pet vomit from your carpet

clean pet vomit

With these tips, cleaning vomit off the carpet will be a piece of cake!

Whenever your cat or dog vomits, it is already unpleasant to clean it up. But it becomes more of a pain when the vomit is located on the carpet. It causes your carpet to stain, smell and it is really hard to get all the vomit out. But with these easy steps, cleaning up your pet’s vomit will be a breeze!

Act fast

Whenever your pet leaves a little ‘present’ on the carpet for you to clean up, you have to act fast. According to Angela Brown from the ‘Ask a House Cleaner’-YouTube channel, acting fast can make a real difference. She says: “Leaving vomit invites bacteria as the stains and smell settle into the carpet so it is important to remove the vomit as soon as possible,” So, as soon as you find the vomit, you want to execute the steps listed below.

Step 1

Use a paper towel to first remove the vomit. Make sure you get as much as you can with the paper towel. Then, dispose of the paper towel with one of the poop bags for your dog.

Step 2

Use another (dry) paper towel to remove the moisture. Just blot the area and let the paper towel soak up as much liquid as possible.

Step 3

Use a stain- and odor-remover to treat the stain with. Use one that has enzymes in it. Most of the removers that have enzymes in it are safe to use for your pet and they treat both the smell and the stain at the same time. Brown advises: “Avoid chemicals with strong respiratory or toxicity warnings, which can harm people and pets.” And make sure the product you use is safe for your carpet too. You don’t want to clean one stain and be left with a discoloration in your carpet!

After you have picked the right remover, all you need to do is spray the area and let it soak in for a little while. Five to ten minutes would be enough for the remover to do its job.

Step 4

Grab another paper towel and blot the area. That way, the paper towel can soak up any liquid that is still left.

Step 5

The last step is to wait until your carpet is completely dry. After that, you can vacuum the carpet. It will look as if nothing ever happened!

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Source: Well + Good | Image: Unsplash, Mike Burke