Stick some coloured tape over your phone’s camera and THIS might be the result! Unbelievable!

coloured tape

You won’t believe what might happen if you stick coloured tape over your phone’s camera!

Smartphones are amazing. Of course, you can use it to call and text with, but you can also play games, use it a diary and use an endless amount of handy apps. And then there’s the camera, which is a feature everyone loves. We usually use the camera on our phone to take cool pictures and capture a fun moment, but did you know you can do much more with it? Colour a piece of tape, stick it on the flash and this is what will happen…¬†

It’s really a pretty cool feature!

Forensic science

People who like a little detective work will love this trick! Do you remember¬†MTV’s Room Raiders? Our favourite part of the show was when they went mayhem with the blacklight. Well, you can easily turn your own smartphone camera into a blacklight. Are you curious to find out what kind of invisible stains loom in your house? Let’s try this nifty little trick!

Coloured tape

The man in the video below sticks a piece of coloured tape over the flash of his smartphone camera. This way he creates a fake blacklight. You’d think he would just create a cool blue effect, but in reality, you can recreate the blacklight effect. The only thing you need for this trick is your smartphone, a piece of transparent¬†tape and two markers: a blue marker and a purple marker.

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