With this secret trick your mirrors will be squeaky clean in no time!

Who’d have thought you can clean your mirrors with this?

Many of us clean our mirrors with a bit of all-purpose cleaner. That’s never enough to get rid of those annoying streaks, though. You’d think there has to be away to clean those off… And there is! We just never looked in the right place for the solution. You won’t find the answer to streaky mirrors in the cleaning aisle, but you will find it in your liquor cabinet!

The secret is… gin!

It turns out that gin is much more than just a delicious type of liquor you can make all kinds of cocktails with. You can use it to clean mirrors with! All you need for this trick to work is a dry cloth, water and, of course, the main ingredient: gin. It doesn’t matter what type of gin you use for this purpose, so we recommend buying a cheap version, since you won’t be drinking it anyway.

For the perfect cleaning solution, mix together equal amounts of gin and water. Put this in a spray bottle and spray some of it on your mirror. Rub it in with a dry cloth and dry it with a some kitchen towel (the drying is optional). This genius discovery was made by cleaning company Marigold, to celebrate their 70 year anniversary. Who’d have thought… We’re getting ourselves a bottle of gin straight away!

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Source: Country Living | Image: pxhere