You can easily remove these three stubborn stains with… milk!


Milk is very useful!

There are some stains that just seem impossible to remove. No matter what you try or how many times you wash a shirt or a pair of trousers, those stains just won’t disappear! Luckily, that’s all over now because by using milk you can make those stains disappear forever. You no longer have to fear having to throw away an item of clothing just because you spilt something. The answer is in your fridge!

This is such a relief!


Before we get to the stain removal part of this article, we want to tell you about another great milk trick. You can make a wonderful cleansing face mask with it. To make this mask, you have to mix a couple of tablespoons of milk with two tablespoons honey, lemon juice and baking soda. Mix this together properly. You can also grind a few vitamin E tablets into the mixture as well. This will make for the ultimate cleanse. Apply the mixture to your face and let it sit for about a quarter of an hour. Rinse it off and your face will feel silky smooth.


The stains you can easily get out through the use of this trick are stains made by tomato sauce, chocolate and ink. These are all difficult and stubborn stains but by simply treating them with a bit of milk, they’ll disappear like snow before the sun.

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