This is what people with a clean kitchen do immediately after they’ve done the dishes

clean kitchenThis is the secret of a truly clean kitchen

We don’t wash every cup or plate immediately after we use it, so sometimes the dishes start to pile up a little during the day. This happens to all of us sometimes, unless, of course, you always immediately put everything in the dishwasher – if you even have one. Even if you do have a dishwasher, the sink sometimes is full of dishes. Want to keep your kitchen spotless? Then you should always do this!

The secret is so simple.


Okay, so you’ve loaded the dishwasher and you’ve turned it on, or you’ve done the dishes by hand and then put them away. You wipe the crumbs from the counter, clean it quickly with a damp cloth and then you’re done, right? Well, almost! The step a lot of people skip is cleaning the sink. Remove the food scraps from the drain and throw them out. Then, quickly clean the sink with a cloth or a sponge so it is clean as well.


A little bit of all-purpose cleaner and a microfiber cloth or a sponge are enough (usually). You can also simply use some dish soap, though, because this has a degreasing and anti-bacterial quality. Do you want to make sure your sink is definitely, 100 percent clean? Fill it with hot water and a drop of bleach. Let this sit for half an hour and then let the water run away. Scrub a little with a cloth and that’s all!

Clean kitchen

Do you want a pretty, shiny bright sink? Then you should dry it with an old tea towel until shines and shimmers. Guests will be amazed by your clean kitchen and, in particular, your shiny sink! Do you clean your sink every day or do you just do it once in a while when you’re on a big cleaning spree? We’ll definitely make sure to clean it every day from now on.

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Source: Apartmenttherapy | Image: Pexels